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Follow Music Artists

Subscribe to your favourite artists by importing them from your local music library or finding them in the catalog search.


Discover new Music

Have an overview of all the new releases from your subscriptions and be the first to know about them through Push Notifications.


Listen & Enjoy

Listen to previews in the app and open discovered albums directly in Apple Music® to add them to your music library.

We love Music

...and you probably too. However, everyone has different taste and therefore might be interested in different artists. We don’t send you any release updates or notifications other than from artists you like.

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Feature Overview

We are continuously improving the app by adding new Features. Following functionality is already implemented:

  • Listen to song previews directly in the app.
  • Import artists into the app.
  • Open songs directly in Apple Music®.
  • Check out the release date of future albums.
  • Available in Light and Dark Mode.